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CROQALM is official abbreviation of Croatian Centre for Quality Assessment in Laboratory Medicine. It was accepted in 2012 with the new Statute of the Croatian Society of Medical Biochemistry and Laboratory Medicine (CSMBLM) and represents the organizational structure through which CSMBLM should provide external quality assessment in laboratory medicine.

National program for external quality control of medical laboratories is performed as modular three times a year, in accordance with the proposed plan of activities, which is approved at the annual Assembly of CSMBLM.

In Croatia, the participation of medical biochemistry laboratories in the external quality assessment is the obligation of every medical biochemistry laboratory (Act on Medical Biochemistry (Official Gazette 121/03)).
Results from laboratory external quality assessments are part of the criteria for assessment of their quality. Rating the quality of medical laboratories carried out through professional supervision by the Croatian Chamber of Medical Biochemists.

Data on participation and success of medical laboratories in the national external quality assessment were evaluated on the basis of defined analytical performants specifications for each laboratory test and forwarded to the Croatian Chamber of Medical Biochemists in the framework of the final annual report, in full respect of guaranteed confidentiality.

Each laboratory receives a full report on the results achieved in each exercise conducted in line with the requirements of national and international standards. The annual report includes the coordinator comments, with the aim of continuing education of participants and encouraging the removal of non-conforming found results. The identity of the participants of external quality assessment is confidential and known only to members of the Centre involved in the implementation of external quality assessments. All written reports only state the code of participant.

At the end of the calendar year, all laboratories involved in the external quality assessment, receive a Certificate of participation with an indication of the module in which they participated.

Conducting external quality assessment in full is done through a web interface. Software support has been developed in collaboration with inlab2*QALM (IN2 Group Ltd., Zagreb 2011) as a software for the evaluation of quality in laboratory medicine.

Members of the professional board:

Jasna Lenicek Krleza, PhD

Members of the professional board:
Ivana Celap (co-chair), Jelena Vlasic Tanaskovic, Ana Grzunov, Adrijana Unic, Ivana Maradin, Nikolina Puc, Adriana Bokulic, Merica Aralica, Valentina Vidranski.

Responsibilities of the modules:

1  Vlasic-Tanaskovic  Lenicek Krleza
2,5,9  Puc  Vlasic Tanaskovic
3  Celap  Lenicek Krleza
4,7 Lenicek Krleza Celap
6  Maradin Vlasic Tanaskovic
8 Bokulic/Unic Unic/Bokulic
10 Lenicek Krleza, Celap
(vanjski suradnik: Nikolac)
11 Aralica Lenicek Krleza
 Grzunov  Bokulic, Vidranski